Good News for mitigating pandemics:

To Breathe Free Again.

Good News for mitigating pandemics: My device that removes toxins and destroys bacteria, viruses, and fungus of all types is ready for production/licensing.

This week, I spent multiple hours with Government Officials discussing the details of operation, functionality and viability of licensing/manufacture with a previously funded facility with excess production capacity.

This device is the cumulation of 25 years of my research/prototype production/improving the 4 types of technologies incorporated in this practical, multi-purpose unit.

Today, it is ready to go to an ICU Hospital Ward to sterilize the First Responders, their ppe, the Hospital Ward and the patients. In other words: ‘complete and total sterilization’.This device uses technologies that are harmless to humans but deadly to lower forms of life and toxicity elimination.

Now, it is a matter of numbers: An Independent Lab will test toxicity count/composition, virus count, bacteria count, and fungal count prior to the utilization of my machine; following with an expected 0 count Lab Report post-implementation of my machine.

Although, the device is ready for practical use by Janitors/First Responders now; I plan to improve the AG+ emitter array system by creating a 3-dimensional, self-propelled circuit board.

Most importantly, for me, this device is now ready to sterilize the contaminated interior ventilation areas of Operating Theatres (which are currently contaminated because the universally used liquid contact cleaners do not sterilize the interior components of operating room equipment). This will improve surgical survivability dramatically. Surgical/Septic infection will be virtually stopped.

This device is able to sterilize Congress, Parliament, Amazon Warehouses, meatpacking plants, airplanes, cruise ships, manufacturing plants, bar/restaurants, and any other meeting places. and any human activity that places us in contact with toxic chemicals, virus, bacteria or fungus now has a practical/functional solution to keep us safe.

I can adjust the technology to operate on a timer and/or be automatic. No problem.Due to my 911 injuries, life-threatening allergic reactions, For 3 years, I have been using a portable device that creates a 3 ft safe aura around me as I walk through the streets. This ‘works against the virus too. I wear it on an armband. It saved my life and changed my world.

This multi-purposeful/functional particular device is housed in a large shop-vac vacuum cleaner. The contaminated air enters the device. It is purified and the air/gases that are ‘blown-out/emitted contain an array of trillions of purifying ions as well as other neutralizing molecules. The emitted air sterilizes upon contact.

I plan to license this device to manufacturers/markets around the world. I have a 50-year history of making/creating/building electronic devices that are ‘unique’ and ‘work’/functionally effective

I have no problem enabling wall street/capitalists to make a profit. That is the way most of the world works. Let us see. We are dealing with autocracies/bureaucracies. Spread this information everywhere that you can. I made a functional/simple/ highly effective device that works.

I will donate equipment as best that I can for people who are unable to purchase it.

Relevant developmental personal background of Doug Copp:

  1. Age 19, I was selected by the EIC (Engineering Institute of Canada) to work at a German Think Tank/Research Institute/ NASA partner (DFVLR-Deutsches Forchungs and Versuchsanstalt fur Luft und Raumfahrt-Oberfaffenhofen.). I worked on the design and constructed an electronic trigger for a laser satellite. I had NATO/ INTERPOL Security Clearance and worked in a restricted/guarded Compound with 175 PhD’s and myself.
  2. I created the only device in the world which locates ‘dead bodies’. I have used this at many mass murder/genocide sites, Swiss Air Crash, Collapsed buildings, in many countries.
  3. I created a device that can precisely locate live victims trapped inside of a large collapsed complex, in a few minutes. I used this in many countries at most of the 100 plus major disasters that I worked, as the rescue chief/disaster mitigation/management director of the world’s most experienced team.
  4. I was severely injured at the World Trade Center. I had an unprecedented amount of toxins found in my body (Enough lead for 510 people to be legally declared ‘lead poisoned’ in NYC. The descriptive list of toxins found in my body was 35 pages long. Some toxins were discovered to be 5,000 x the ‘normal safe limit’. I had 47 simultaneous medical problems. I have almost 7,000 pages of medical documentation from 95 MD’s and Medical Specialists. I used some of the technology, in my ‘current device to remove/particulate out the toxins from my fatty tissue/fat/bloodstream.
  5. I used some of the technology to create a portable/armband device that would create an aura of 3 ft around my body, to prevent me from having severe and life-threatening allergic responses. Many times, MDs used medical intervention to prevent my immediate death from respiratory failure and cardiac arrest. This portable device changed my life. It allowed me to go into areas with exposures that would have previously caused my death within 3 minutes.
  6. I had a house fire with plastic toxins, in the air. It was necessary for me to sleep, in my driveway/motor-home for 6 months. The exposure to ‘my home’ for only a few seconds would immediately send me into life-threatening convulsions. I created a device that purified my home and all of its contents. Surprisingly, it created an immunological paradise’ for my health problems. Every breath that I took helped to remove toxins from my body. It removed all the toxins from my body and it; also, allowed my immune system to focus on ‘curing’ my illness; rather than, be consumed by protecting my vulnerable respiratory system from bacteria, fungus, toxins, and viruses.
  7. My roof blew off in a storm. The walls of my home became filled with black mold. I created another device to destroy all the fungus without demolition of the walls.
  8. My sailboat in Louisiana has been neglected; since the pandemic prevented my travel. After 13 months of neglect, the Marina Maintenance checked on my boat. They were shocked to see that it was in pristine condition. This swamp area has 100% of the boats; with fungus, cockroaches or termites. All except mine. I have a device using some of my technology to keep my boat sterilized.
  9. All the technologies have combined together, using molecular attraction and electron charges to destroy fungus, bacteria, viruses and eliminate all airborne toxins, from all sources. This is done without any harmful effects on humans. On the contrary, it has saved my life, cured my illnesses and allowed me to be non-allergenic.

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Toxic Hell. Under the Rubble of 911.

Back to the Surface of 911.

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Good News For the Sailing World.

Good News For the Sailing World. My latest proven invention is a boat saver.

The Pandemic has kept me away from my sailboat, in Madisonville, Louisiana, for 13 months. Nobody has been on board until today. Every boat in the Marina has either fungus, cockroaches or termites, or ALL 3….Except for mine.

Last year, I invented a maintenance machine and put it on a timer to turn on for 5 minutes every day. It kills all bacteria, fungus, viruses, toxins and kills cockroaches, termites, and other insects. The Harbour Maintenance Chief was impressed and dumb-struck. My boat is like brand new after 13 months of neglect.

I used the same technology to clear myself of fungus in my home. The Contractor submitted a bid/wanted $250,000.00. After, I spent 3 months designing and building the device. I turned it on for 1/2 hr and the fungus was dead.

It cost me $500 in parts to make the machine that saved me $249,500.

The fungus level was tested at the lab both before and after I used my invention. Before the spore count was millions after 0.

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Turn Your Home Into an Immune System Paradise


Disclaimer: My device/machine/process works and has done and continues to exceed my expectations, in extremely positive and delightful ways. My machine detoxifies the home. Plain and simple. This has an extremely positive effect on every immune system….plain and simple.

I am now using the machine directly on my own body. I have not gone thru 10 years and hundreds of millions of dollars fighting pharmaceutical companies protecting their profits. I make it clear. I am using this machine on my own body. That is my business. I make no claim for any effect that it will have on anybody else and I make no claim to do anything for anybody. I use it on myself to cure myself. That is my business. As with all my inventions, I make them to solve a problem; that I am confronted with in my ‘life’s work’ or in my ‘life’.

USA and Canadian medical processes have helped.  Also, French, German, Chinese and Japanese medical processes have helped my health, to keep me alive. I have 3,200 pages of medical documentation from 75 Doctors and medical Specialists who have helped me. They are at a roadblock. I am not.

I will cure myself.  My machine will cure me. Period. My business. My choice.

At the Bottom of the Page you will find 8 different business opportunities created by my machine.

The Original Survivetox Doc follows. At the bottom of the page you will find updates:


The Story Behind the Doug Copp Odor Removal/Detox Machine. Eliminate all foul odor/pollution/contamination/toxins/bacteria/virus, from your home or business; at a greatly more effective and reduced price; than currently available. This device required 28 years, in development. This will greatly benefit most sick people; by making their homes a healthful sanctuary for their immune system. Our prices will be very reasonable, for this service and The American Rescue Team International will voluntarily help people; at cost or free who do not have the resources to pay.

This device has been tested by ARTI and is certified to be 100% effective at Toxin Removal.

This device has been tested by ARTI and is certified to be 100% effective at Toxin Removal.

Environmental illness is simple. Everybody knows this: drink too much arsenic and you will die. Drink enough to get sick; but stay alive and you have environmental illness. Toxic chemicals that don’t kill you make you sick. Ingest enough poison to kill most people and stay alive then you will have a hyper vigilant immune system, like me. The tiniest re-exposure can cause convulsions, attacks and can be fatal. Most environmental illness is a consequence; of over-exposure to manufactured chemicals. The manufacturers of these chemicals want the most profit they can get. What is the limit of greed? Just like tobacco companies spending fortunes to deny that cigarettes cause cancer and other diseases; the chemical manufacturers do the same. This equipment helps the sick cope with their illness; in spite of, the malfeasance of the greedy. Over exposure to toxins is what happened to me; as a result of, searching the subterranean floors of the World Trade Center; while the fires were still smoldering and the air was thick with poisons.

Doug under the 911 rubble.

Doug under the 911 rubble.

Doug Copp at the surface of 911, covered with toxic grease, inside hsi lungs and on his body.

Doug Copp at the surface of 911, covered with toxic grease, inside his lungs and on his body. I have severe environmental illness. At one point, I had 47 simultaneous illnesses. At you can examine my 3,200 pages of personal medical documentation; including, 175 lab tests. I was a ‘vegetable’, blind, couldn’t speak, soaked with fever and was expected to die at any moment. Now, in 2015, I have cerebral edema, toxic glaucoma, central nervous system damage and several other environmentally caused illnesses; including a hyper vigilant immune system. My immune system overreacts to a tiny exposure to the same World Trade Center toxins. The tiniest exposure can cause me to have convulsions and can kill me. It is and was a ‘matter of survival’. My machine saved me.

**April 16, 2015: I have started using my device which I used to detox my home, to detox my body. I have been treated by My Doctors for  diarrhea on a continuous daily basis, for 18 months. My Doctors have been unable to stop it or cure it.

I used my device to treat a glass of water. I use the water as a catalyst device to infuse the 3 OX molecules generated by my device. I drink the water on an empty stomach. The 3OX molecules go into my blood stream and alter the molecular structure of suspended toxins in my blood stream. These toxins are molecularly altered and converted to non-toxic molecules which then drop out of suspension and can be processed by my liver and kidneys; before being eliminated from my body. As I eliminate toxins from my blood, my tissues and bone will keep leaking toxins back into my blood stream. This process will continue until all toxins are eventually eliminated from my body.

I started 7 days ago. Every am I drink a glass of my processed water. I have NOT had diarrhea for 6 days and counting. I am now developing this process to cure my cerebral edema, toxic glaucoma, acid reflux disease, hyperthyroid, hyper vigilant immune system and neurological damage. I expect that I will have my acid reflux disease cured within a month. At that time I will cease my prescriptions, for acid reflux disease; which I have taken every day for 14 years. I expect that my other medical problems will be resolved within 2 years; except for the hyper vigilant immune system disorder which I expect to take 3 years. The entire effect of  detoxifying my body is being helped by my device; which, has reduced the environmental immunological, ‘normal challenges usage of my immunological system capacity. My immune system has increased it’s ability to actually ‘work’ against my illnesses, by my living in a challenge free environment.

The Commercialized version is ready, for use.

The Commercialized version is ready, for use.

Efraim Huaman aka ‘Pancho’, ARTI team member, from Peru, living in Mexico and I will be demonstrating this equipment to Mexican Government Authorities and Television; during April of 2015.

Pancho and Doug at 911.

Pancho and Doug at 911.

Later, I will go to Peru and visit with Heber Robles phd Biology, phd Chemistry ( fellow ARTI member, fellow Peruvian Fire Capt, Head of the National University Science Dept. ) to demonstrate my equipment, in Peru. The History: As the most experienced rescuer, in the world, 650,000 people have died, at the disasters, I have worked at. I first designed components of the equipment to disinfect and protect my body, from daily exposure to sometimes hundreds of decomposing bodies, at the world’s major disasters. In India, one night, I slept next to a pile of several thousand decomposing corpses, part of the 100,000 + decomposing bodies required to be burned, in pyres, on street corners, at this disaster. Altogether 650,000 victims died at the disasters that I was deeply involved with. Years later, I designed components of the equipment, to use, inside of my body, to keep me alive. I became poisoned from crawling under the rubble of The World Trade Center ( The 892 nd collapsed building that I have crawled inside of to save lives.) My Doctors described me as the most poisoned person who ever survived. (Never before, in History had an individual ever survived who had been exposed to such a high concentration of so many different toxins. Enough lead for 162 patients to be legally certified ; as being, ‘lead poisoned’, in the City of New York. The descriptive list of toxins, up to 5,000 times the ‘normal’ safe level, found in my body, is 35 pages long.) Finally, I designed the equipment to save my home. I had a house fire. I would be homeless if I couldn’t purify, my home. My home was contaminated with, the same 911 toxins; that cause me to immediately go into possibly fatal convulsions. My body reacted in seconds, to the 911 type toxins. My hyper vigilant immune system exposed, to the inside of my home would kill me, in less than 10 minutes. Finally, I altered my equipment to make my home not only livable; but, one of the healthiest buildings, and a refuge for my immune system to rest and strengthen. This article introduces the commercialized version of this amazing equipment and it’s journey of discovery and development.My name is Doug Copp I am the most experienced survival scientist, in the world. Go to, and/or ‘amerrescue’ and ‘amerrescuegmail’ youtube channels, my 80 ‘daily motion’ videos and/or facebook and linkedin sites to confirm. My story: I have been ‘on my own’; since, 9 years old. I worked on the design and constructed a electronic trigger, for a laser satellite, at a German Think Tank, at age 19. I had top secret NATO Security Clearance and worked in a highly secure and guarded environment with 198 PHD’s. This ‘electronic trigger’ was my first device of more than 40 inventions. My father, a renowned electrical genius; graduated, with many awards, medals and scholarships; as an electrical engineer, at age 19. He died when I was 2 years old. I lived with my mother for a year. I inherited his abilities. Throughout my life, I have created devices, to help me save lives and to save my own. My current device had it’s origins; while I was on top of a collapsed shopping center with 2,000 people crushed to death, inside. This was El Salvador, in 1986. The fumes from the decomposing bodies were so strong that the cotton-denim clothes I was wearing dissolved into fibers. My clothes literally crumbled in my hands, when touched. I had helped to remove countless decomposing bodies. My body and clothes were covered with bacteria, disease, virus and toxins. I knew that I had to find a solution. I invented a device to sterilize myself without using chemicals. Later,  I  used components of this equipment to cure several hundred children of tropical skin disease; during the floods in Venezuela. After 911, my blood had enough lead for 162 people, to be legally certified; as being, ‘lead poisoned’, in the City of New York ( The descriptive list is 35 pages long with concentrations of toxins being up to 5,000 times the ‘normal’ safe limit. After absorbing more poisons at a higher concentration; than anyone, in History (Who ever survived, according to my Doctors.)) I was fighting to stay alive. After 3,200 pages of medical documentation and 175 medical lab tests; I am ‘STILL ALIVE’ (The name of my sailboat.). I have used components of this equipment to inject gas into my blood stream, via my lungs, rectum and intravenous injection. This process ‘energized’ my immune system and removed many of the heavy metals, poisons, mitochondrial and virus; suspended, in my blood stream. (On my websites above, you can watch a video of my blood. It is full of ‘garbage and only 15% of my blood cells are ‘normal’. The rest are mutilated.). My equipment kept me alive.   Last year, I had a house fire. I couldn’t go within 20 ft of the front door; without, having an immediate life threatening attack. My hyper-vigilant immune system over-reacts, to the ‘911 types of toxins’; that had overwhelmed my body, at 911. The tiniest exposure causes me, to have, a life threatening series of convulsions.   To be honest, I have been greatly surprised that my equipment has worked so effectively. I did not think that I would ever be able to go inside of my home, again. I had hoped to clean-up my home, well enough, to sell, to someone; who wasn’t sick like me. Again, the effectiveness of the equipment has surpassed my expectations.  This equipment has made my home a refuge from ‘immune system dysfunctional attack’ and most likely one of the healthiest environments, in North America. Entering the front door of my home was ‘certain death’, for me. Now, it is a place that my immune system can rest and gather strength. It is a refuge, for a sick man, from a sickly and contaminated world. A Simple explanation of the process:

  • I remove all nitrogen from the air inside the building.  Only Oxygen remains.
  •  I change the molecular structure of the Oxygen molecules to be unstable with an extra Oxygen atom.
  •  I change the electrical charge of the Oxygen molecule to be unstable with a negative charge.
  •  I use specific light spectrum bandwidth to kill virus, bacteria, mold and fungus.
  •  I pressurize the ‘atmosphere’ inside of the building.
  •  The unstable molecules, under pressure, go inside of every nook and cranny, compartment, area of every kind. When they confront a molecule of pollution they attack it. The unstable molecules ‘cling’ to the pollution particle, changing it’s molecular structure and neutralizing it’s electrical charge (It goes from a positive charge, to a neutral charge.).
  • The unwanted molecules of pollution/odor/contamination clump together; until, they become so heavy; that they fall from the air, as dust. At this point, the pollution/contamination cannot be ‘smelled’. The toxins cannot enter your blood stream though your sinus and lungs. The area has no odor. It is not harmful. It can be dusted up in regular housework cleaning.

A room that had been destroyed by the smell of a dead decomposing body, undiscovered for a couple of weeks; would normally require $10,000 to $30,000 cost to remove carpet; throw away mattresses, bedding, clothes etc…etc..tear down walls, paint, and the use of harsh chemicals to scrub inside the walls… completely gone, without a trace. The equipment only needs to be plugged in and left for a day or two; depending on the concentration of the pollution. The process is the same with house fire smoke smell etc etc etc … Also, there is no negative effect on humans, all mold, virus, bacteria are killed. It creates an extremely healthy environment with minimum work and effort. The air becomes fresh and clean. My home, after the house fire, was an environment that would literally kill me dead, in 10 minutes, if I went inside the doorway ( Standing on my front lawn, I had an attack, from the adjusters clothing, within 1 minute of exposure to him standing 20 ft away from me.). When I first started to detoxify my home; I treated it like it was deadly, to me; like an Infected Ebola clinic. I wore a tyvec suit (no body part was exposed). I wore a gas mask. I slid open the door wide enough to put my machine inside, turned it on and quickly shut the door. I let the machine run, for days. Then I quickly went inside and moved the equipment to another section of my home and continued to run the machine. I created ‘negative air pressure zones’ of pure air; until my home was safer than a Hospital Operating Room. The only ingredients were ‘air’, ‘electricity’ and ‘light’. No chemicals, toxins of any kind were used. For my environmental illness, my home became an immunological system paradise. Now, my home makes me feel great. It has never been this good. It is fresh, vibrant, healthy and it allows my immune system to rest and build strength. This is the only year, of my life; that I can remember never having a cold or the flu. Every time I think about my machine and what it has done I laugh and giggle and think OMG…WOW! This is incredible! Thank You Lord! This equipment works miraculously. I am the proof of it. My environmental illness is extreme. For most people; it is only necessary to plug my machine; into the electrical outlet and run it for a day. This will purify the home. As a demonstration; I take a jar with a dark, black, rotten, decomposed piece of meat inside. I remove the lid and the smell will drive everyone running away; thinking that the odor will never be removed..that the place is destroyed. I turn on my equipment and the odor is completely gone, in less than a minute. Only a fresh smell remains which makes you want to take a deep breath. The meat turns from black to a fresh, rosy pink. It all happens, in front of your eyes and your nose, within seconds. It is very, very impressive. To The General Public we would invite them to get quotes and then I would charge 10%-20% of the ‘normal/standard/commonly used ‘ charge from competitors. I plan to franchise this business, in different markets, with partners. Specifically, I will be looking for contracts and to set up this business; when I come to Southern California; in 2015. Some Uses: house fire restoration, commercial fire restoration, factories, refineries, chemical plants, hospitals, medical clinics, Ebola Mobile Medical Facilities, funeral homes, city morgues, welding shops, auto repair garages, public toilets, hotel rooms, meeting rooms, restaurant kitchens, bars, train stations, airports, city dumps, garbage processing facilities, facilities for portable toilets and homes of victims of severe allergies and environmental illness…. etc etc etc. Mansions/Penthouses of Billionaires, Presidential Palaces and domiciles of the wealthiest/most powerful people, in the world, can be made to give a healthier and longer life expectancy, to them; as my home already does, for me. All odor, all pollution, all toxins, all bacteria, fungus and mold destroyed; leaving a fresh smelling, healthful and safe environment. Now, I offer this equipment to make our world, a better place. My websites; confirm the 250,000 lives; that I have saved as an unpaid volunteer. Now, I will donate most of my profits to Government certified charities who are highly effective, at concluding positive results. Good things can come from bad circumstances with the desire, will, determination and a good heart.

It so wonderful to breathe fresh, clean air.

It so wonderful to breathe fresh, clean air.

A Healthy home is a sanctuary for your immune system.

A Healthy home is a sanctuary for your immune system.

Doug Copp Considerations: ***I am already field-testing a mobile, portable device that allows me to go to toxic areas and not be killed. It creates a 3ft radius safe zone; while walking and a 20ft safe zone; while sitting. It allows me to fly, on a plane, without risking my life (perfume/ cologne knocks me unconscious). For me, it is like a cripple getting up out of his wheelchair and running. I can do things and go places that I have been unable to do; since, Sept. 27,2001 (When I first fell ill and went to the Hospital unable to breathe).

Mobile air purifier safe zone device. It has 3 modes and can provide 24 HRS of safety on a single charge.

Worn with a shoulder strap the mobile air purifier safe zone device. It has 3 modes and can provide 24 HRS of safety on a single charge.

Also, this device could be used in China, for personal protection; since, more people die from breathing the toxic air; than any other cause. I initially reorganized/re utilized/used these parts to detoxify my home; until, I could get electrical parts delivered..*** ***My current developmental project, will be used, on the production line, to eliminate the need for ‘preservatives’ (Toxic chemicals) from the food manufacturing process. This device will provide pure, food products with reduced liability, less spoilage, less cost; all without the use of chemicals.*** ***I invent things or make practical, maximized, effective ‘equipment’; as my ‘fun’ time. My focus is on saving lives and reducing suffering; throughout, the world.*** ************************************************************************************************** # Opportunities:

1) Business Opportunity Worldwide: Using Doug Copp’s technology and the training of ARTI (American Rescue Team International); i.e., ‘the world’s most experienced rescue team’ to create ‘ The Safest Sanctuary Zone’ status to Hotels, in the major Cities; throughout the world. These Hotels will be an immune system paradise; as well as, the safest from natural disasters; in the region.

2) San Francisco: looking for a partner, to create a ‘Safe Zone Sanctuary’; as a building location, in San Francisco.

3) Looking for a ‘Time Share’ expert to sell time shares, for ‘enviro paradise’ ownership, at designated locations, throughout the world. There is a facility immediately available.

4) In major cities, like NYC,  using the detox unit to kill Bed Bugs rapidly and without toxins.

5) In cities like Mexico City using the detox unit to kill cockroaches.

6) In countries like Cuba, the Middle East and Africa using the Detox Unit to sterilize Hospitals cheaply, rapidly, completely and without side effects.

6) For people with environmental illness, like me, to live a far better life.

7) In war mass, mass murder recovery and toxic sites, to sterilize the ‘workers’ without using chemicals.

8) Mobile Ebola and pandemic Treatment sites/hospitals/mash units to eliminate virus without chemicals.

9) To sterilize food manufacturing plants; without chemicals and to eliminate every single bacteria, virus and molecule of toxin where liquid chemicals can not reach or be used.


Doug Copp 'Keys to the City', for saving 250,000 lives, at disasters.

Doug Copp ‘Keys to the City’, for saving 250,000 lives, at disasters.

another of 2,000 thank you letters and awards received by Doug Copp for Humanitarian work.

another of 2,000 thank you letters and awards received by Doug Copp for Humanitarian work.


UPDATE: June 10, 2015. There are several very positive results and a huge personal disappointment:

I have posted an add ; as a business opportunity, for my invention/device/process. There are positive responses and a very negative one. I want to show the ad and publish the email correspondence, of the very negative response; so that the truth/facts be known ; as well as, clarifying my intentions/motives/goals.

Here is the add , I posted several pictures and a video

Looking for Maritime Service/franchise/Partner

Date Listed 05-Jun-15
Address 563 Charlotte Street, Sydney, NS B1P 1E6

View map

Job Offered By Individual
Company SurviveTox
Job Type Please Contact

Go to http://www.survivetox.comI am finishing building (in 2 weeks) my final 27 mode of operation equipment that can ‘shock’ detox an entire building, in 1 hour. I use light, electricity and air. My Device, destroys all bacteria, virus, mold, insects, toxins, air borne pollution molecules of all kinds. No chemicals, no side effects. Smoke residue from fire, chemical spill, household pollution, even a dead body decomposing for 1 month. All gone in 1 hour.To demonstrate I take a jar with rotten hamburger: I open the jar and within 5 seconds the overwhelming putrid smell is gone and the black rotten meat turns bright red. My invention.

I live in Sydney (most of the year) and am establishing service distributors/franchises in California, Mexico and South America.

I do NOT want to sell or distribute the device. I do want to build a finite number of machines with partners, in different parts of the world (I have worked/travelled/saved lives in more than 100 countries.) to provide the service: for the sick and environmentally ill, insurance companies, homeowners who have had fire and smoke damage, people who want to live in a healthier home that is environmentally and immunolgically ‘challenge free’.

I have 40 plus inventions. All of them were made to practically solve the problems of major disasters, throughout the world. Read about me at

I have 2,000 plus written testimonials and thank You letters from world leaders. I have saved or been an intrinsic part of saving more than 300,000 lives.

I am interested in helping people and making the world a better place more than $$$. I want partners to do the business and money part; while I continue with my life goals of humanity service.

The youtube video link is taken at my home. It was initially broadcast to an audience of 500 million people. CCTV of China sent a film crew to my home to make this 1/2 hr TV program. There are 100 plus similar videos, at my youtube ‘amerrescue’ and ‘amerrescuegmail’ youtube channels; daily motion and

Since this add was posted I have played a very important part in the Movie San Adreas. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson gives one of my Scientific Discoveries as the reason why he could save 50 lives.
Go to to read about it.

I received a very strange but telling email. The text is highlighted:

1) From:

so you want someone else to provide the $ lol scam reported

2)Reply: amerrescue

 What are you talking about? Are you crazy?


simple google search dough copp flagged lol

4)Reply: amerrescue

it says not found. Give me the actual link and i will sue.Don’t believe every psycho on the internet.

You obviously need help. There are resources for you.

Everyone is not a scam.

5) From:

you are though if you think you will get a financial partner lol this is kijiji

what if i was the post who made the post about you being a scammer o0

6) Reply: amerrescue

Evil people do evil things.

7) From:

lol im just playing with you so tell me more about your ad what were you looking for?

8) Reply: amerrescue

Precisely what it says. My invention is worth a lot of money and I am too sick to make money and save lives. I chose to save lives. I need a businessman/partner to run the business.

I am an honest man and do not play games.

9) From:

i am intrested though im going to read up on your buisness

More from Doug Copp:

As you learn more about this invention/device/service it becomes clear that fortunes can be made.  I have had many opportunities to ‘cash out’ and receive great wealth. There was always a choice between using my life to become another useless rich man or use my life; as if it was important and had value. I chose to save lives and make the world a better place.

My health has greatly improved; because, this device; however, there has been a huge personal disappointment:

Don’t misunderstand me.  By detoxifying my home, my machine has greatly improved my General Health and eliminated many of my 911 symptoms related to a hyper vigilant immune system, central nervous system , digestive and respiratory system disorders and great toxicity & etc; however, I am personally extremely disappointed:

I had started using the device to cure my 911 illnesses by directly using the device on my own body; via my digestive system and blood stream. Initially, my brain soared and I felt like a powerhouse dynamo ; both physically and intellectually.

This occurred; as I swept 911 toxins away, from my bloodstream.

Here is the problem: More toxins flowed from deep inside of my bones and deep tissue; eventually moving via tissue cells back into and saturating my bloodstream with toxins, again. My expectations are: 1) I will be sickly and have many bad symptoms and pain; as I remove the flow of poisons out of my body. 2) This suffering will last until the poisons are totally removed.3) This movement of toxins is causing much cell damage to my entire body.4) Hopefully, all poisons will be removed within a couple of years and then my device will work on destroying cancer cells and repairing cell damage.5) The disappointment is that I won’t be feeling like a dynamo again until all the toxins are removed; like they were initially removed from my blood. 6)So,  I must endure  a couple of years of personal suffering; until my health improves to a semblance of  pre  911 levels.


UPDATE: Major Breakthrough. April 6, 2015. By May15, 2015 I will have finished building a NEW Commercial detox device with 17 different operating modes. In the 17th total ‘shock’ mode a typical home will be completely detoxified of all bacteria, virus, fungus, insects, toxins, odors of every kind and every intensity..within a 1 hr operating time. This will replace the device mentioned in the article, below.

Also, make Note:

Oil Companies: Climate Change is a fraud.
Pharmaceutical Companies: Non prescription remedies are a fraud.
Chemical Manufactures: Environmental Illness is a fraud
Cigarette Companies: Cigarettes won’t hurt you. Anybody who says they do is a fraud
USA and Canadian medical Establishment: Alternative medical procedures used in Europe and Asia are FRAUD.

There is no limit to greed. Anything that interferes with profit is a fraud.
There is No shortage of idiots. The path of truth is always a battle….doug copp
 My device works. It worked on my home and now it is working on my body.
So, what else is new?

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